“Yerevan Sketchbook” introduces the capital city with not only its rich history and sites worth seeing, but also with its hues and scents, its noise and music, its famous and not so famous residents and simply with its daily and vibrant life. Artists Ararat Minasyan and Zack Demirtshyan, alternating between whimsical momentary impressions and profound ideological expressions, depict scenes of the rich past and the lively present of this locale, situated in the crossroads of the East and the West. The city is presented either in vibrant colors or in black and white, but is always lovely for the residents, and full of interesting and unexpected discoveries for its guests. With light outlines and sometimes with heavy brushstrokes, these sketches will make the images of the old and new Yerevan more familiar to Armenians. As for visitors, this book will make their trip to Yerevan a trip to remember.

Artists: Ararat Minasyan, Zack Demirtshyan 

Translated by: Hayk Kaftarian 

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