Sune Sevada is a widely followed and read writer, blogger and journalist. Addiction is her first short story collection which includes her works of the past three years. The ideas brought up in the stories touch upon the equality, peace and independence. The book is entitled Addiction, because the characters in the stories, mainly young people, do not escape from problems, they all stay, side by side, in the same country and same situation irrespective of the difficulties. They prefer to solve the problem rather than run from it. As opposed to many other works of the new generation of Armenian writing, which are about migration, distress and inability to take over the control in the fast-changing life and hardships of a developing country, Sune prompts the reader to be positive, to stay and make a change. Short stories have social and emotional shade, they depict inner struggle against violence, against suppressing personal wishes and being irreconcilable. Another central topic in Sevada’s short stories is the ongoing conflict in Artsakh.

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