The Secrets of the Animal World is a collection of popular scientific materials and literary works through which the reader will get acquainted with domestic and wild animals, their species, biodiversity and characteristic features.

With the Me and the Environment textbook children start learning about the nature and its inhabitants; over the next years they gradually discover the secrets of the nature, learn to see the invisible, and in the 8-9th grades nature opens up to them with all its charm.

Throughout this exciting journey, the manual of The Secrets of the Animal World will accompany the reader. Thanks to the book, you will reveal the rich treasures of the nature, you will listen and understand its language, you will pass through narrow forest paths, sit on the bank of a gently flowing river, will listen to the birds’ polygon singing and walk in the animals’ footprints…

​The book is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia.

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